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What you need to know about website hosting

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Website hosting provides the resources and tools needed to house and manage a website. Web hosting services provide disk space on a web server, domain names, IP addresses, SSL, emails, databases, a control panel, and more at an affordable rate. Why do you need these services?

To make a website accessible to the internet its data needs a special home to live in. In technical terms, it needs to be hosted on a server (think of it as a big computer connected to the internet). This server needs to be online 24/7, super-fast, and secure.

Of course, every home needs an address. However, it would be far too cumbersome to remember and search for geographic coordinates to find a house, so we use street names instead. The same concept applies to websites.



Everyone is treated fairly and with dignity, feels valued and included. Treating eachother and every community member with respect and understanding. Placing the community good before our own interests. Being committed to connecting people in communities and welcome opportunities to engage with the community.


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